NAPSEA National Association for Professional Special Education Advocates

IEP stands for Individual Education Program.  It is a plan that is created for a student who has a disability and requires special education, accommodations, specialized instruction, and related services. The whole idea behind an IEP is to level the playing field, so to speak, for students who, due to their disability, don’t make progress in academics when compared to non-disabled peers. The iep will provide supports and services to enable the student to participate, learn, and achieve at a level commensurate with other students. It doesn’t provide any advantage over other students, as it only provides for what is appropriate under the law. 

Under IDEA – Individuals with disabilities education act, there are many things required to be included in the IEP.  Special Education is a complicated process of evaluation, education, services, measurable goals, and progress monitoring.

Many parents have struggled with getting the right services and supports into their child’s IEP. Please share any comments about your experiences developing your child’s IEP in the comment section below.

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